Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Nick Returns! The other side of the story.

Gary was the official photographer of the night.  His shots are much better than mine.

Gary is trying to get some attention by jumping in the middle of this pose.  
Megan is flagging Gary for a personal foul.    

Theresa and her sister Mary, patiently waiting for Nick to arrive.  They are trying to ignore me but I won't let them.

The Clemson, LSU game was on and there wasn't a TV on (or person around) in the airport.  Loyal fans, Meg and Amanda listening to the game on the phone.  Go Clemson!!

WHEN will that plane land??!!!!
This is Nick's girlfriend, Kaitlyn.

Good friends, Mary and Maureen practicing their flag waving and patriotic songs.
Notice two strangers in the background, it's 11:00 PM and they are not amused.

Uncle John, Aunt Mary and kids made it in from Indianapolis just to welcome Nick home.  Great effort!  You guys are awesome!!

Finally!  He's here and Kaitlyn gets the first hug.  .....She's airborne!

Just stay right here.

Retired Lt. Colonel Don Langhorne, aka Grampa, welcomes Nick home.

This pictures doesn't need a caption.

Those are some happy sisters.  ....and Clemson won too!!

Cousin Lauren gets a hug.

Group photo, just before we left the airport.  Thanks to all!

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